Combining the proven advantages of ultrasonic and bipolar surgical energies, the THUNDERBEAT Tissue Management System has become an established instrument in laparoscopic surgery. This technology is now also available for open surgery.

The THUNDERBEAT Open Extended Jaw for open surgery adheres to the technological philosophy behind the THUNDERBEAT technology.

The instrument design has been adapted and improved to make it highly suitable for the requirements of open surgical procedures. The result is a highly ergonomic instrument that cuts tissue fast, seals vessels safely and securely, and allows for extremely fine tissue dissection.

The THUNDERBEAT Open Extended Jaw builds on advanced ultrasonic and bipolar energies to meet the demands of open surgery. This highly ergonomic instrument cuts fast, seals safely and securely, and enables extremely fine tissue dissection. The versatility of combining energies or using them independently removes the need for instrument changes. This reduces operation time and minimizes the use of clips, sutures, and ligation ties, thus saving costs. The extended reach of the tip, fine tip design, and the high opening force of the jaw enables precise dissection even in hard to reach places.

Integration of two forms of energy
A unique seal and cut mode delivers simultaneous ultrasonic energy for rapid cutting, and bipolar energy for fast and secure hemostasis of vessels up and including 7 mm in diameter.

Secondary haemostasis and spot coagulation
Advanced bipolar energy can be applied independently of ultrasonic cutting for secondary hemostasis and spot coagulation without an instrument exchange.

Innovative instrument tip design
The tip acts as a grasper and dissector. Atraumatic serrations on the instrument tip, even compression-force distribution, and high opening forces optimize dissection efficacy.


Extended reach and fine tip for precise dissection
Precise and fine tissue dissection is possible even in hard to reach places such as deep pelvic areas. This is achieved due to the extended reach of the tip, a fine tip design, and the high opening force of the THUNDERBEAT Open Extended Jaw.

Hybrid energy combining ultrasonic and bipolar
The ability to apply ultrasonic energy and bipolar energy in combination or separately removes the need for instrument exchanges. This can effectively reduce the time required to dissect and cut through tissue while achieving reliable hemostasis.

Combining the advantages of ultrasonic and bipolar surgical energies
By combining bipolar and ultrasonic surgical energy, vessels up and including 7 mm in diameter can be securely cut and sealed in a single step.

Rapid sealing of bleeding vessels using advanced energy
The THUNDERBEAT Open Extended Jaw enables secondary bleedings to be immediately, securely, and safely sealed through the application of advanced bipolar energy.

Secure, atraumatic grasping
This versatile and advanced jaw grasps and holds tissue without traumatizing it due to a unique design with atraumatic serrations and uniform tissue compression.

Ergonomic design for minimal hand fatigue
As you would expect from Olympus, the THUNDERBEAT Open Extended Jaw has an ergonomic handle design and angulation adjustments specifically designed to reduce operator's hand fatigue.

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