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Olympus Launches 4K Ultra High Definition Big Screen Surgery platform

Tuesday, August 23, 2016
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OLYMPUS Launches 4K Ultra High Definition Big Screen Surgery platform

Revolutionary new 4K Ultra High Definition surgical imaging platform delivers an end-to-end 4K-optimised solution to help surgeons operate with increased clarity and confidence

Olympus launches 4K BSS_600x400

Olympus Australia is proud to announce the launch of the Olympus 4K surgical imaging platform. This state-of-the art system delivers images in true 4K resolution, utilising a unique native 4K medical sensor with Olympus precision ULTRA optics to deliver the world’s only true 4K surgical image.

Surgeons will benefit from four times the detail of current high definition imaging systems, providing them with the image quality needed to operate with confidence in all situations.

According to Scott Veltman, Marketing Manager, Olympus Australia & New Zealand Surgical Division, “With the continued development of minimally invasive surgery and techniques, a surgeon’s task is constantly becoming more and more complex. As such, the need for the highest precision and detail in a hospital’s imaging equipment is ever present.” 

“We believe the latest addition to the Olympus imaging platforms, the Olympus 4K Ultra High Definition, brings hospitals the highest quality 2D imaging available.  In combination with our separate Olympus 3D platform, we are now able to offer a variety of the highest quality imaging options to suit individual theatre requirements of each hospital. Ultimately this allows the surgeon to match their imaging equipment to the procedure or list to be performed,” he said.

The Olympus 4K platform is the first of many products from the Sony Olympus Medical Solutions joint venture that is now transforming healthcare by enhancing minimally-invasive surgery across a range of surgical specialties.

The first clinical cases in Australia and New Zealand using the Olympus 4K platform took place during the first quarter of 2016. Early feedback from surgeons utilising this system highlighted their ability to identify detail and anatomical structures that were simply not apparent or possible in previous generations of equipment.

“As a result of these features and feedback from surgeons, we are convinced that the 4K technology will become a new benchmark in surgical imaging platforms,” explained Veltman

The benefits of the system include: 

4K Clarity

Through the Sony Olympus Medical Solutions partnership, Olympus has unique access to a dedicated medical-grade 4K sensor. While other systems are forced to utilise older HD chips in a multiple array to generate their 4K image, the Olympus 4K system is unique in offering a native 4K sensor to capture every nuance possible without additional software, processing or upscaling.

 Olympus launches 4K BSS_2

One-touch autofocus feature delivers sharp pictures on the surgeon’s screen at the push of a button. The system leverages Olympus’ specialist optical expertise to deliver unprecedented image quality through the use of custom ULTRA telescopes. This ensures that the system will consistently provide incredibly sharp depictions and true colours, even on the fringes of the visible edge.

True Colour Reproduction

The combination of an end-to-end true 4K imaging chain and Sony’s latest display panel technology helps Olympus 4K deliver premium colour contrast and brightness. This is closer to the sensitivity and acuity of natural eyesight, helping surgeons distinguish important tissue details for optimal dissection.

Big Screen Surgery

A 55-inch medical-grade 4K monitor gives surgeons the natural immersion they need to consistently dissect and suture with precision. Further, the one-touch zoom function allows the surgeon to access never before seen levels of detail in laparoscopic and orthopaedic surgery.

Olympus 4K is available now direct from Olympus Australia.

For more information please visit www.olympus4K.com.au or contact your local Olympus Sales Specialist to arrange an Olympus 4K evaluation.


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