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MercyAscot the first New Zealand hospital to install Olympus 4K Ultra High Definition platform

Friday, June 9, 2017
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MercyAscot the first New Zealand hospital to install Olympus 4K Ultra High Definition platform

New Zealand’s leading provider of health services, MercyAscot Auckland, recently became the first Hospital in New Zealand to offer the award-winning Olympus 4K Ultra High Definition imaging platform for its surgical team and patients.




The hospital’s heritage goes back over 100 years when Mercy Hospital started to provide healthcare services to the people of Auckland. MercyAscot is now one of New Zealand’s largest private surgical facilities with 22 operating theatres, an intensive care unit and coronary care facilities.

The MercyAscot clinical team will benefit from four times the detail of current high-definition imaging systems, providing them with the image quality needed to operate with confidence in all situations.

According to Professor John Windsor, General & Laparoscopic surgeon at MercyAscot, “The Olympus 4K system is the best I have used in over 25 years of advanced laparoscopic surgery. A head to head comparison with the best systems on the market resulted in the purchase of the Olympus 4K system, because depth perception is not as important as edge precision and clarity. For fine dissection and accurate suturing I have never felt more confident than with this latest system.”


Olympus 4K v HD


Olympus 4K is the only system available with a native 4K sensor, offering a complete end-to-end imaging chain that is completely optimised for true 4K surgical viewing. This gives MercyAscot’s surgeons a unique experience that is closest to the sensitivity and acuity of natural eyesight.

“From a surgical and imaging perspective, Olympus 4K has provided me with the four “C” qualities that I need; rich Colours, Clarity, high Contrast & Cutting-edge technology” said Dr. Nagham Al-Mozany, Consultant Colorectal and General Surgeon at MercyAscot.


Olympus launches 4K BSS_600x400


MercyAscot is committed to invest in highly skilled staff and cutting-edge technology. Investing in technologies such as the Olympus 4K surgery platform helps the hospital meet this commitment and gives surgeons the natural immersion needed to consistently dissect and suture with precision.

“The Olympus 4K platform is by far the best 2D imaging system that I have seen to date. The image has clearly defined borders and colour. This, I believe makes tissue differentiation, and possibly even depth perception so much easier for our specialists. This is the future of 2D laparoscopic work,” said Michael Eris V. Elizalde, Charge Nurse, MercyAscot.

The new system commenced clinical use at MercyAscot Auckland in December 2016 after an extensive installation and training period that commenced in November 2016. The transition has been seamless with ongoing training and support provided by Olympus.

“We supported the surgical team at MercyAscot to ensure there was a smooth transition across to the new systems. Our Surgical Imaging Sales Specialist, Carolyn Tongue, worked alongside nurses, surgeons, CSSD and biomedical staff, providing case support and education. We continue to work alongside MercyAscot to provide a first class experience with the Olympus 4K system,” said Kath Rawson, Olympus Medical Regional Sales Manager.



About MercyAscot New Zealand

MercyAscot's heritage goes back over 100 years to when Mercy Hospital started to provide healthcare services to the people of Auckland. While we have grown in size over the years, our commitment to the quality of that care continues to grow and is the cornerstone of our offering to our patients.

Every day across all three of our sites more than 600 dedicated staff provide patients with unparalleled personalised service. While every year, together with committed specialists of the highest calibre, we treat many thousands of patients, each patient is treated as an individual.


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