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Olympus launches 3D Laser Measuring Microscope with 4K Scanning providing fast and intuitive surface metrology

Tuesday, November 21, 2017
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Olympus launches 3D Laser Measuring Microscope with 4K Scanning providing fast and intuitive surface metrology

Olympus’ new LEXT OLS5000 3D laser microscope measures surface area roughness precisely and with ease for enhanced productivity, making it suitable for a broad range of applications.


The LEXT OLS5000 3D Laser Measuring Microscope and workstation monitor


The OLS5000 microscope can be used in research and development and quality inspection in a variety of applications including; semiconductors, electronic components, automotive, medical devices, new material development, nanofabrication, advanced manufacturing and various additional engineering applications.

“The new OLS5000 3D Laser Measuring Microscope delivers high resolution imaging and highly accurate measurement at speeds four times faster than the previous model. Samples that were previously difficult to measure can now be imaged thanks to our expanded range of LEXT dedicated lenses and new range of OLS5000 frames,” said Clare Kelly, Product Manager, Olympus.

Australia and New Zealand are leveraging the rapid expansion of nanotechnology, new material development and advanced manufacturing technologies. Accurately measuring the surface features of product components is an increasingly important part of quality management.

To meet this increasing demand, Olympus developed the OLS5000 measuring laser microscope to perform accurate three-dimensional measurement of the surface shape of a wide variety of samples using a technique that is non-contact and non-destructive.

Succeeding the well-established OLS4100 microscope, the OLS5000 offers significantly improved measurement performance. The microscope scans laser light over the surface of a sample to provide enlarged images of micro-scale features and to perform highly accurate measurements of surface area roughness, steps, and other features.



The LEXT OLS5000 3D Laser Measuring Microscope up close measuring a sample


The OLS5000 features new 4K scanning technology and enhanced optics designed to enable the detection of near-perpendicular features and small steps at close to the nanometer scale. The microscope comes with intuitive software designed for usability with features including the ability to automate settings that previously had to be specified by the operator.

“The new software functionality ensures that measurement variability between different users is significantly decreased while maintaining our high level of measurement accuracy and repeatability,” Clare explained.

In addition, large samples or samples with an uneven surface can be measured without preparation, using an expansion frame that can accommodate samples up to 210mm tall and a long working objective lens designed specifically for the OLS5000 microscope. This provides support for sophisticated user requirements from performing observations through data acquisition, analysis and reporting.

Summary of main features:

  • Enhanced measurement reliability thanks to 4K scanning technology and optics designed specifically for the OLS5000 microscope
  • Data acquisition that is four times faster than the previous model and intuitive software
  • OLS5000 extended frame accommodates samples up to 210mm tall and concavities up to 25mm deep using an expansion frame and long working distance objective lens

To learn more about the OLS5000 4K laser confocal microscope, visit http://www.olympus-ims.com/en/metrology/ols5000/



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