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Southern Highlands Hospital invests in latest medical equipment to improve endoscopy services for patients

Thursday, April 5, 2018
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Southern Highlands Hospital invests in latest medical equipment to improve endoscopy services for patients

Upgrade provides patients in Bowral and neighbourhood communities with access to the latest endoscopy platform



Dr Farzan Bahin pointing out an area of interest during a procedure conducted with Southern Highlands Private Hospital’s new endoscopy equipment


Southern Highlands Private Hospital, located in Bowral NSW, provides an extensive range of onsite medical, surgical, rehabilitation, oncology and palliative care services for the community of the Southern Highlands, and beyond to the regional and rural areas.

Patient health, safety and comfort are the hospital's main concerns and Southern Highlands Private Hospital continually monitors and evaluates its performance to ensure compliance with world-class hospital standards.

In keeping with the hospital’s enviable reputation for high quality care, Southern Highlands recently upgraded to the latest endoscopy platform from Olympus, ensuring that all patients requiring an endoscopy procedure such as a colonoscopy and gastroscopy, in the local community and beyond, have access to the latest technology.

 “Ensuring patients health and wellbeing, safety and comfort is our top priority and we are very excited about continuing to provide endoscopy services, by investing in the latest technology from Olympus, the world leading manufacturer of this type of equipment. The Private Hospital aims to continue to provide accessible services to our local community and beyond, and to achieve this, we offer an innovative 'Open/Rapid Access Service' so endoscopies can be performed in a timely manner by both the Gastroenterologists and Specialist Surgeons," said Jenny Harper, CEO, Southern Highlands Hospital.



The clinical team at Southern Highlands Private Hospital flanked by the newly installed endoscopy equipment (left hand side)


The new fleet of endoscopes have the latest imaging technology that allow for superior magnification and accurate detection of polyps and pre-malignant lesions in the gastrointestinal tract. They are particularly useful to differentiate different polyp types and tell benign polyps apart from malignant ones. This technology results in greater confidence to provide appropriate therapy for such lesions.

According to Dr Farzan Bahin, a Gastroenterologist who provides Endoscopy Services at the Private Hospital, “The newer scopes have improved handling capabilities which allow for a smoother navigation of the instrument and thus a decreased requirement for deep sedation during the procedure. This enhances the overall experience for patients having their procedures at Southern Highlands Private Hospital. The overall outcome for patients and the community are very likely to be improved through the introduction of the latest generation of endoscopes."



Dr Farzan Bahin conducting a procedure utilising Southern Highlands Private Hospital’s new endoscopy equipment


Southern Highlands Hospital strives to improve patient outcomes and volume capability for the residents of Bowral and neighbouring communities - delivering high quality care close to home.

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