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High Flow insufflator with in-built smoke evacuation system. It provides optimum abdominal conditions which allows for a more focused surgery.

High flow, 35lt Min insufflation unit with built-in smoke evacuation feature providing optimum abdominal conditions. The large front panel display allows you to check critical data at a glance.

Clear interior space for clear-thinking procedures. When the UHI-3 is connected to the smoke evacuation footswitch, mist evacuation begins with by depressing the pedal. Just press the foot switch (optional) and smoke and mist will be evacuated, so you can keep your clear view during surgery. Better views and more ergonomic reduces stress in the OR and improves the quality, safety and speed of each procedure.

Powerful 35 L/min. insufflations
The UHI-3 features a powerful 35 L/min. high flow gas-supply. It can quickly respond to gas leakages to return to the preset pressure level

Automatic relief

When abdominal pressure becomes too high, a warning lamp and an alarm are activated, and a pinch valve on the suction tube opens automatically to release excess pressure

Low noise design
Noise is kept especially low through an innovative mechanism in the electromagnetic valve

3 main flow settings
You can quickly set flow rate to programmed Low, Medium or High mode

Check critical data at a glance

Actual and preset pressures are displayed simultaneously. You can easily monitor necessary information, while remaining focused on what you are doing

Connectable to medical gas pipeline

The UHI-3 unique pressure control mechanism let you connect it to your hospital medical gas pipeline, eliminating the need for handling heavy, inconvenient gas cylinders 

Other advantages include:

  • Built-in smoke evacuation feature smoothly removes smoke and mist while clearing the operative view, resulting in clear, concise and focussed surgery 
  • Powerful 35ltMin flow
  • 3 flow rate settings of Low, Med and High
  • Audible and visual pressure warnings for added safety
  • Large, easy-to-read front display panel for clear and easy monitoring of variations
  • 3 Way CO2 adaptor available allowing 2 gas bottles to be connected and switched between intra-operatively




Applicable gas

CO2 gas for medical use

(Connectable to CO2 cylinder or medical gas pipeline)

Abdominal pressure



* Abdominal pressure can be adjusted in 1 mmHg increments between 3 and 25 mmHg.

*To set pressure for 21 mmHg at 20 mmHg, press abdominal pressure control switch continuously for 3 seconds.

* Previous pressure setting is retained. Selected pressure setting is placed into memory. For safety reasons, settings at 21 mmHg or higher are memorized as 20 mmHg.

Flow rate settings

3 flow setting modes

"HIGH" mode: 20 to 35 L/min.

"MED" mode: 1.1 to 19 L/min.

"LOW" mode: 0.1 to 1.0 L/min.

When power is turned ON, "LOW" mode is selected.

VOLUME indicator

Digital displays

(0.0 to 19.9 L: 0.1 L steps / 20 to 999 L: 1 L steps)

*Pressing the reset button will return the display to 0.0 L.

Power requirements

Voltage (AC)

100 - 240 V


50/60 Hz


150 VA


Voltage fluctuation

Within ±10%




Type of protection

against electric shock

Class I (3-pin power cord)

Degree of protection

against electrical

shock of applied part

Type CF Applied Part

Insufflation tube (MAJ-590, MH-397)

Suction tube (MAJ-591)



295 (W) x 340 (D) x 150 (H) mm (housing dimensions)


10 kg

Smoke evacuation function (optional)

* When the foot switch (optional) is depressed, insufflation and suction are interlocked to maintain abdominal pressure at the set pressure while smoke evacuation is performed.

* Inoperative when "LOW" is selected as insufflation mode.

* Inoperative when the abdominal pressure is below 3 mmHg.

For specific details on clinical applications for this product, please contact your local Olympus Australia/New Zealand representative.
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