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10mm 0° EndoEYE High Definition Video Laparoscope

10mm, 0°HD EndoEYE is high resolution, high efficiency and high in durablity!

HD EndoEYE – Introducing HDTV to the O.R. - The new 1080i High Definition Television (HDTV) display standard used by Olympus for the EXERA II imaging platform and HD EndoEYE brings a previously unachieved image quality to practical reality in the O.R environment. HD EndoEYE can even work with the Olympus unique “Narrow Band Imaging” (NBI) technology which may be utilised to support diagnosis, eg. Of suspicious tissue.

Fully Autoclavable, High Definition, 10mm, 0° EndoEYE Digital Video Laparoscope.

Improving Procedural Accuracy with HDTV Imaging

In our quest for improving procedural accuracy, it was only natural that Olympus added 1080i HDTV compatibility to HD EndoEYE’s impressive features. HD EndoEye and EXERA II imaging platform are working with more than double the number of scanning lines and horizontal pixels used in conventional video systems. The image is incredibility sharp and detailed with virtually no detectable pixilation or artefacts. HD EndoEYE allows to display even the tiniest capillaries and delicate structures with life-like clarity. By improving procedural accuracy HD EndoEYE II will help to increase O.R. efficiency. 

HD EndoEYE – A Unique Concept

  • Superior 1080i HDTV imaging with distally mounted HDTV-CCD video chip
  • Unrivalled O.R. efficiency with unique all-in-one concept for focus-free convenience, eliminating all interfacing connections and couplers eg. camera heads, light leads etc.
  • Pure HD provides accurate images and reduces surgery time
  • Superior cost efficiency with highly durable, fully autoclavable design
  • Camera chip-on-the-tip design provides best image POSSIBLE
  • Full control in the surgeon’s hand with three programmable remote control buttons
  • Working length: 325 mm
  • Angle of tip: 0°
  • Outer diameter: 10.0 mm
  • Connecting cable Length: 296 cm
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