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Trachael Intubation Portaview fibrescope, 5.2mm diameter.

Powerful Performance and Maximum Mobility — Now Available In Tracheal Intubation Fiberscopes

Sputum suction can be performed quickly at bedside, ICUs, and Operating Rooms thanks to the large 2.6mm suction chanel of the LF-TP.

Ideal for use in emergency situations, as well as bedside, operating rooms, and ICUs, Olympus PortaView-LF fiberscopes with built-in miniature light source offer excellent portability, extended battery performance, and superior observation capabilities.

With only a 5.2 mm insertion tube diameter, the LF-TP has a large 2.6 mm diameter channel through which even highly viscous sputa can be suctioned. The LF-TP can be easily passed through most single-lumen tracheal tubes used for adults, providing secure insertion of the tracheal tube into the airway.


 Extended Battery Life

The miniature light source is powered by the same lithium battery normally used in cameras and uses a LED lamp, enabling it to provide sufficient power duration and light intensity for tracheal intubation.

  Designed to Meet the Requirements of a Wide Range of Intubation Techniques

 Whatever your intubation requirements, Olympus’s versatile lineup of PortaView-LF scopes will meet your needs. Simply choose the scope that best suits your technique. In addition to the dual-purpose LF-GP, our lineup includes the small-diameter LF-DP which can be passed through any double-lumen tracheal intubation tube, greater than 32Fr., and the LF-TP which has a large 2.6mm diameter channel to allow suction of even highly viscous sputa.

 Superior Optical Performance with Bigger, Brighter Images and a Wider Field of View

 Incorporating the same top-rated Olympus optical technology used in our other endoscopic products, PortaView-LF scopes offer a well-balanced combination of superior observation capability and superior portability.

 Fully Immersible Waterproof Design

PortaView-LF scopes are completely waterproof and can be fully immersed in disinfectant solution for thorough reprocessing, reducing the risk of cross-contamination. A rugged, durable design ensures reliable operation over extended periods.

 Compatible with Conventional Light Sources

When combined with the light guide cable and adapter, the PortaView-LF scope can be used with any Olympus light source.

 Portable Design with Built-in Light Source

 Incorporating their own miniature light source, Olympus PortaView-LF fiberscopes are a complete, all-in-one portable solution for emergency tracheal intubations. PortaView scopes can be carried easily to an emergency situation or to bedside. Their mobility and limited storage requirements also make them well suited for use in heavily equipped ICUs and operating rooms.






Tracheal Intubation Fiberscope


Tracheal Intubation Fiberscope with large channel diameter


Portable operation, fully immersible, superior optics

Field of View


Direction of View

0° (Forward)

Insertion Tube Outer Diameter


Working Length


Inner Channel Diameter


Angulation Range

Up 180°/Down 130°

For specific details on clinical applications for this product, please contact your local Olympus Australia/New Zealand representative.
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