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The Choledochofibrescope is an ideal solution for smooth biliary tract surgery which allows you to see exactly what you're doing. There are two models offered, short and long.

The CHF-CB30L is a choledochofibrescope, with long, 2.8mm diameter 700mm length.

 Olympus offers an ideal solution for smooth biliary tract surgery, incorporating all essential features in a delicate but durable scope. The CHF TYPE CB30 promises great performance for biliary tract diseases.

With its new ultra-slim design and highresolution imaging, the new CHF only makes insertion easier, it affords the clearest, brightest field of view ever. Able to vividly reproduce even the subtlest variations in site detail, this sophisticated new scope lets you see exactly what you're doing making diagnosis and treatment of biliary tract diseases easier. Minimized patient trauma and maximized performance make the CHF clear choice for biliary tract treatment and retrieval of biliary calculus.


Much Brighter Endoscopic Image

The CB30 provides a view about 1.8 times brighter than that of the conventional CB20. When connected to the OTV-S7 VISERA Video System and the CLV-S40 VISERA Xenon Light Source, the CB30 transmits a bright, clear, high-resolution image that delineates the site in superlative detail.

Easier with New Insertion Section

Slimmer, more durable and with higher resolution capability, the CHF-CB30 has everything it takes to greatly enhance your surgical procedures.

Half a Millimeter Slimmer

The diameter of the CB30's insertion section has been reduced by half a millimeter – from ø3.3 mm (CB20) to ø2.8mm.

Large Working Channel

Despite the narrow diameter of the insertion section, the CHF-CB30's large working channel (1.2 mm) makes the most of distention and utilization of 3 Fr. instruments, allowing a wider range of operational methods.

Wide Angulation Range

The wide angulation range (Up 120°/Down 120°), which is easily controlled with one hand, maximizes the scope's manipulation and visualization capabilities. Also, its single bending section simplifies and facilitates insertion into the common ducts.

5mm O.D. Grasping Forceps (T1079)

With its spring handle and protective cap for the tip's hook, you can control the scope freely. It is autoclavable, for easy sterilization and disinfection, and thanks to its small diameter, ø5mm trocars can be easily utilized.

VISERA Video System

The VISERA Video System includes high-resolution videoscopes and autoclavable camera heads/videolaparoscopes, and can be used for all endoscopic procedures, whether in the office or operating room. Still/moving image recording is digital, making application and management of recorded images smoother than ever.

CLV-S40 VISERA Xenon Light Source

The high-quality xenon lamp provides illumination ideal for endoscopy, allowing observation in deep sites or advanced techniques. Also, the Standby function and Intensity-Mode Memory simplify procedures.

  • Field ov view: 75deg
  • Depth of field: 2.5 to 50mm
  • Distal tip outer diameter: 2.7mm
  • Insertion tube 2.8mm
  • Range of tip bending: 120deg up and down
  • Working length: 750mm
  • Channel Diameter: 1.2mm
For specific details on clinical applications for this product, please contact your local Olympus Australia/New Zealand representative.
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