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OER-AW Endoscope Reprocessor
OER-AW Endoscope Reprocessor
OER-AW Endoscope Reprocessor
OER-AW Endoscope Reprocessor
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OER-AW Endoscope Reprocessor

Designed, developed, and manufactured by Olympus, the endoscope experts, this reprocessor offers unprecedented reliability.

Nobody is as familiar with the design, development, and manufacture of endoscopes as Olympus, which is why we are introducing the OER-AW Endoscope Reprocessor.

From patients and operators to facilities and equipment, careful consideration has been given to every element of the reprocessing procedure, ensuring reliability in every respect, including the machine itself.

The OER-AW Endoscope Reprocessor has been test validated to offer a flushing function that eliminates the need for the manual flushing of the endoscopes prior to reprocessing. By utilising this new function on the OER-AW, it is now easier and faster to clean your endoscopes, eliminating the need for the most labour-intensive and variable part of the manual cleaning process - manual flushing with detergent, water and air.

  • Newly approved flushing function replaces the need for the manual flushing step as directed in the endoscope reprocessing manual, and will significantly shorten manual cleaning time and eliminate the risk of human error.
  • Two scopes can be reprocessed simultaneously.* This improves endoscope usage cycles and increases efficiency. Running costs are also reduced since only one measure of the disinfectant is needed to reprocess two scopes. (*Simultaneous reprocessing of two scopes may not be possible with some specially configured scopes).
  • Olympus’ original ultrasonic endoscope cleaning technology thoroughly removes contaminants attached to delicate parts of the scope tip without damaging it.
  • High-pressure cleaning capability is provided to wash away any contaminants that have been peeled off by the ultrasonic cleaning and still remain on the scope.
  • The transparent lid allows you to check the progress of reprocessing. You can also check the connection between the reprocessor and scope channels by observing the water jet from the tube connector heads.
  • The controls are arranged on two separate panels. The main panel is easily accessible, making it ideal for routine operations. The sub panel, which is used for setting and occasional operations, is positioned so that it does not interfere with routine operations.
  • Reprocessing time and operating conditions can be printed out to confirm completion of the reprocessing procedure. Proper storage and management of the printout enables reprocessing to be confirmed whenever necessary.
  • A case specially designed to hold accessories is provided. You can put the accessories in the case and reprocess them at the same time you are disinfecting the endoscope. With its compact design, this reprocessor saves space and doesn’t interfere with the line of movement in the limited space of a reprocessing area.



450 mm


955 mm


765 mm


120 kg

Power Supply


120,220,230,240 VAC





Input Current



Voltage Fluctuations



Ultrasound cleaning


Two Scopes a Basin

1 with certain models

Applicable Scopes

Olympus flexible scopes. Consult Olympus representatives for details

Cleaning Method

Exterior Surfaces

Ultrasonic cleaning, running fluid cleaning


Channel Interiors

Disinfectant solution flushing and flooding



Disinfectant solution immersion

Cleaning Time Setting

1-10mins (setting variable in 1 min increments


Disinfection Time Setting



Disinfectant Solution Heating Setting

1. Acecide 875ml cassette bottles 20۫C (68۫F)



2. General high-level disinfectan t20-30۫C (68-86۫F)


Disinfectant Solution Heating Method

Built in heater in the cleaining tub



1. Heating immediately before disinfection process in a reprocessing program


2. Heating before the start of a reprocessing program


Water Discharge Method

Forced draining using a pump (floor draining)

Disinfectant Solution Discharge Method

1. Draining through disinfectant collection hose



2. Draining through drain hose


Cleaning Tub Capacity

Approximately 14L


Disinfectant Solution  Tank Capacity

Approximately 17.5L


Disinfectant Solution

1. Acecide 875ml cassette bottles (Olympus designed disinfectant)


2. General high level disinfectant (consullt Olympus sales representative for deails)

Visual Leak Detection

Bubble detection during immersion


Alcohol Flushing

Automatic flushing/draining using a pump and compressor


For specific details on clinical applications for this product, please contact your local Olympus Australia/New Zealand representative.
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