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BF-UC180F Bronchofibervideoscope EBUS-TBNA
BF-UC180F Bronchofibervideoscope EBUS-TBNA
BF-UC180F Bronchofibervideoscope Scope Overview
BF-UC180F Bronchofibervideoscope Scope Tip
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BF-UC180F Bronchofibervideoscope

Setting a new standard for diagnosis and staging in the lung. Innovative scope design helps you take advantage of superior ultrasound imaging for EBUS-TBNA.

Compatible with Olympus' popular EU-ME1 integrated ultrasound processor as well as Aloka's Industry-leading ProSound Alpha 10 and ProSound Alpha 7, this new EBUS-TBNA system makes biopsies safer and more accurate than conventional blind TBNA, and offers an alternative to mediastinoscopy.
The BF-UC180F clearIy visualises the dedicated echogenic aspiration needle via ultrasound imaging. With the introduction of this versatile EBUS-TBNA system, Olympus is making an important contribution to improved staging and diagnosis of lung cancer.

  • Channel diameter enlarged to 2.2 mm for improved suction capability and device insertion.
  • Wider scanning and higher resolution image, plus higher sensitivity Doppler function available with EU-ME1 and Aloka processors.
  • Detachable cable simplifies cleaning and facilitates easier placement into an automatic endoscope reprocessor.
  • Innovative "hybrid" design combines video and fiberoptic technologies in a single scope, offering the same functionality as videosoopes yet with a slim insertion tube diameter of only 6.3 mm*, even with an incorporated ultrasound transducer.
  • Distal tip diameter measures 6.9 mm.

Optical System

Field of view


Direction of view

35° forward oblique

Depth of field

2 t0 50 mm

Distal End

Outer diameter

6.9 mm

Insertion Tube

Outer diameter

6.3 mm

Bending Section

Angulation range U/D


Angulation range R/L


Working Length

600 mm

Total Length

890 mm

Instrumental Channel

Inner diameter

2.2 mm

Minimum visible distance


Laser Compatibility


EUS Scanning Range

Aloka Alpha5





Aloka Alpha5

5/7.5/10/12 MHz


7.5 MHz







Needle Width



Needle Length

40 mm

40 mm

Channel Size

2.0 mm

2.0 mm

For specific details on clinical applications for this product, please contact your local Olympus Australia/New Zealand representative.
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