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EU-ME1 Universal Endoscopic Ultrasound Center - DISCONTINUED

** Please note this product is discontinued. Please refer to EU-ME2.

The first and only endoscopic ultrasound center to integrate mechanical and electronic scanning capability is now available from Olympus. The EU-ME1 paves the way for an exciting era of advanced interventional endosonographic procedures, while continuing to support conventional procedures. The EU-ME1 is fully compatible with Olympus mechanical echoendoscopes, Aloka-compatible echoendoscopes, Olympus esophageal/rectal ultrasound probes, and ultrasound miniature probes.

Designed and optimised specifically for Endoscopic Ultrasound (EUS) applications, this system offers greatly improved electronic scanning as well as the high-quality ultrasound images our customers have come to expect. With its compact, space-saving profile, user-friendly design with touch-panel keyboard, and wide range of convenient and practical functions, the EU-ME1 is the total endosonography solution.

Superb ultrasound image quality

  • When using electronic scanning instruments, the newly developed and optimised signal processing design offers high-resolution images, comparable to general-purpose ultrasound systems.
  • Supports both EBUS-TBNA and  the EBUS guide sheath technique.

Enhanced functionality and ease-of-use

  • All-in-one processor for ultrasound endoscopes and miniature probes.
  • Keyboard has better-positioned keys and a built-in touch panel and trackball for simple operation.
  • Endoscopic video processor and ultrasound processor can both be controlled with the EU-ME1 keyboard.

Compact, space-saving profile

  • The EU-ME1 boasts a slim, compact profile that can easily be integrated onto a conventional endoscopy workstation.
  • EUS-guided FNA, and  interventional EUS procedures can be performed.
  • Electronic scanning frequencies available, from 5 to12MHz.
  • Mechanical scanning frequencies available from 12 to 30 MHz.
  • With picture-in-picture  function, the monitor can display the endoscopic and/or ultrasound image.



430 mm


185 mm


500 mm


23 kg


Electronic Radial scopes


Electronic Linear scopes


Mechanical Radial scopes




No Compatibility

Scopes are compatible with EU-C60


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