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High Definition Urology Camera Head, 0.8 Magnification.

A non-autoclavable, high defintion imaging light weight camerahead provides more accurate urology image. This camera head was created for urology precision.

Light weight construction with 1080 effective scanning lines of picture information, the high-definition television camera head delivers picture quality that is more than four times the resolution of conventional TV. Images are smotth and clear, with reproduction so accurate that details and colours remain sharp and life-like, opening the way to a new era in endoscopy.


Narrow Band Imaging - NBI is an optical image enhancement technology that enhances the visibility of vessels and other tissues on the mucosal surface. Narrow-band illumination, which is strongly absorbed by hemoglobin and penetrates only the surface of tissues, is ideal for enhancing the contrast between the two. As a result, under narrow-band illumination, capillaries on the mucosal surface are displayed in brown and veins in submucosa are displayed in cyan on the monitor.

One Touch Zoom - Enlarge an image to 1.2X, 1.5X.

Remote Control of Frequently Used Functions - On the camera head control section, three switches are built in, allowing programming of frequently used functions such as electronic zoom and image capture for convenient remote control.

0.8 magnification, 60g weight, Sterrad, Sterrad NX and Steris compatible.

  • Light weight construction to reduce operator fatigue with 90deg head angle
  • 0.8 Magnification
  •  3 fully programable remote control buttons for up to 17 functions
  • NBI compatible, one touch zoom
  • standard in-built universal eye-piece coupler
  • compatible with Exera II universal platform, Sterrad, Sterrad NX and Steris compatible
  • Light weight (total 60grams) construction for Urology and ENT procedures
  • Remote control of up to 17 functions
  • One touch zoom
  • Integrated standard eye-piece coupler
  • HDTV resolution
  • 1080 scanning lines
  • Narrow Band Imaging (NBI) compatible
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