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UPD-3 ScopeGuide
UPD-3 ScopeGuide
UPD-3 ScopeGuide
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UPD-3 ScopeGuide

Adding a new dimension to colonoscopy. ScopeGuide provides a real time three-dimensional view of the position and configuration of the scope inside the colon.

The challenging and unpredictable nature of colonoscopy demands the most experienced colonoscopists and the most advanced medical equipment. ScopeGuide provides three-dimensional visualisation of the contours and position of the colonoscope inside the colon. It can help to enable easier and more confident scope insertion, precise determination of the location for application of abdominal pressure, and can lead to less patient discomfort.

  • Clear three-dimensional display of the entire scope configuration. With ScopeGuide you will be able to clearly see the extent of looping and get a better sense of which rotational maneuvers will be required to straighten out loops formed during colonoscopy.
  • The new ScopeGuide receiver dish is compact and thin. Olympus' exclusive roll stand allows for maneuverability, flexibility and ease of use.
  • Faster frame rate for enhanced image quality. ScopeGuide provides a frame rate of up to 15 fps. This ensures a more natural reproduction of scope movement and provides a smoother image.
  • Simplified menu and convenient bookmark function allows you to observe the bookmarked area later on.
  • When using the hand coil, an assistant can track the scope's insertion tube from outside of the patient and apply abdominal hand pressure precisely.
  • The reference plate fixed to the patient's abdomen keeps the scope 3D model steady even if the patient position is changed during the examination.
  • ScopeGuide compatible colonoscopes: CF-HQ190L/I, CF-H180DI/L, CF-Q160DI/L, 

Set A Accessories

Hand Coil


UPD-3 Receiver Dish


Receiver Stand


Video Signal Outputs



Output Magnetic Field Strength


Complies with IEEEC95, 1-1991

Optional Accessories



Numbers below


Additional UPD-3 (no receiver/stand)

UPD Probe


Reference Plate


Remote Control


For specific details on clinical applications for this product, please contact your local Olympus Australia/New Zealand representative.
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