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IBV-C20 Loader
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IBV-C20 Catheter & Loader

Single-use spiration valve deployment system

Spiration valves are inserted into the airway by deployment of the catheter and loader. The first and only 2.0 mm thin flexible catheter allows great access to targeted bronchi which is located in difficult positions.

  • Unique and convenient loading and deployment system for delivery of multiple valves during a single patient procedure
  • The loader is a tool used to insert the valve into the tip of the deployment catheter
  • The deployment catheter is used to deliver the valve to its target location
  • Compatible with a 2.0 mm channel or larger
  • The valve is deployed when the operator pulls the catheter retractor which retracts the catheter sheath to release the valve
  • Working length: 1140 mm
    Required Bronchoscope instrument channel diameter: 2.0 mm or greater
    Required number per procedure: 1 pc
Model Name Article Number Catheter  Working
Bronchoscope  Channel
Inner Diameter
Number Required per Procedure
IBV-C20 N3521830 1140mm 2.0mm or greater 1
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