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Aloka F75
Aloka F75
Aloka F75
Aloka F75
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Aloka F75 Ultrasound System

Offering exceptional imaging and many advanced functions, the Hitachi Aloka Medical ProSound F75 is an ideal choice for endoscopic ultrasonography (EUS) and endobronchial ultrasound (EBUS).

Broadband Harmonics
In addition to the primary benefits of harmonics, i.e., the reduction of side lobes and multiple echoes, Broadband Harmonics offers significantly enhanced sensitivity and axial resolution for a new level of detail in the entire image.

Adaptive Image Processing (AIP)
A revolutionary feature for speckle noise reduction whilst maintaining the frame rate. 

Directional eFLOW (D-eFLOW)
Compared with conventional blood flow display methods, this feature allows enhanced spatial and time resolutions for greater detail of blood flow information, including directional flow. 

Contrast Echo (CHE)
Supports a full range of contrast agents enabling the display of microvascularisation of blood vessels down to capillary tissue perfusion.

Real time tissue Elastography 

Fully functional
Proven ergonamic design and functions for ease of use 

Also supports a multitude of transducers making it an exceptionally versatile platform. 

Compound Pulse Wave Generator
The Compound Pulse Wave Generator is designed to transmit pre-programmed waveforms to produce highly efficient, high-quality beams optimised for each mode of operation and transducer, whilst also enabling highly sensitive transmission.

Full Aperture Apodization
Using all the transducer elements within a probe, Full Aperture Apodisation perfects the focus throughout the entire image

Image Optimizer
Automated adjustment allows both the B-mode and spectral Doppler presentation to be rapidly optimised, whilst the Quick Setter function allows tissue specific presets to be activated at the touch of a button, increasing exam efficiency.

Dimensions: 59 cm (W) x 120 cm (D) x 168 cm (H)

Weight: 170 kg

Scope Compatibility:

  • Olympus Electrical Radial Scopes GF-UE160-AL5
  • Olympus Linear Scopes GF-UCT180 and BF-UC180F
  • Olympus Forward Viewing Scope TGF-UC180J
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