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CleverCut 3V
CleverCut 3V
CleverCut 3V
CleverCut 3V
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Enhanced Design for Optimal Performance.

Olympus CleverCut 3V sphincterotomes deliver exceptional cutting performance and easy, fast device exchange. Available pre-loaded with VisiGlide2 for increased convenience.

Unique CleverCut coating minimises damage to surrounding tissue for enhanced safety. Stable knife operation is assured due to a pre-curved tip and efficiency is optimised with an intelligent port design.

CleverCut coating for enhanced safety
The CleverCut coating on the proximal end of the cutting wire minimises damage to the surrounding tissue, virtually eliminating any risk of electrical contact between the wire and endoscope.

Pre-curved tip for stable knife operation
The pre-curved distal end of the CleverCut 3V extrudes to a stable 11 o’clock position, assisting with cannulation of the papilla and assuring optimized cutting.

Intelligent port design for smooth guidewire insertion
A distal wireguided “monorail” design includes a guidewire insertion port that has been reconfigured to make guidewire insertion smoother and easier than ever before.

C-channel optimised for VisiGlide guidewires
The c-channel supports effortless device exchange for short-wire or traditional over-the-wire techniques. It is designed for use in combination with VisiGlide guidewires.

Single-Use CleverCut 3 V (Distal Wire-guided)

Article Name Material no. Compatible GW Distal Tip
Cutting Wire

Distal Tip Size

KD-VC411Q-0320 N5391030 0.035” 3 mm 20 mm 4.4
KD-VC411Q-0330 N5391130 0.035” 3 mm 30 mm 4.4
KD-VC411Q-0720 N5391230 0.035” 7 mm 20 mm 4.4
KD-VC411Q-0730 N5391330 0.035” 7 mm 30 mm 4.4
KD-VC431Q-0720 N5391530 0.025” 7 mm 20 mm 3.9
KD-VC431Q-0730 N5391630 0.025” 7 mm 30 mm 3.9


CleverCut 3 V (Distal Wire Guided) Preloaded with VisiGlide2

Sphincterotome Guidewire-Preloaded Type
Article Name Material No. Compatible GW Distal Tip
Cutting Wire
Distal Tip Size
Inches Length Tip Shape Type
KD-VC611Q-07203S N5393530 0.035” 7 mm 20 mm  4.4  0.035” 2700 mm Straight VisiGlide2
KD-VC611Q-07303S N5393930 0.035” 7 mm 30 mm 4.4  0.035”  2700 mm  Straight  VisiGlide2 
KD-VC611Q-07303A N5394030 0.035” 7 mm 30 mm 4.4  0.035”  2700 mm  Angled  VisiGlide2 
KD-VC631Q-07203S N5394330 0.025” 7 mm 20 mm 3.9   0.025” 2700 mm  Straight  VisiGlide2 
KD-VC631Q-07203A N5394430 0.025” 7 mm 20 mm 3.9   0.025” 2700 mm  Angled  VisiGlide2 
KD-VC631Q-07303S N5394730 0.025” 7 mm 30 mm 3.9   0.025”  2700 mm  Straight  VisiGlide2 
For specific details on clinical applications for this product, please contact your local Olympus Australia/New Zealand representative.
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