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Worlds Only Dual Action Lithotripsy System with Surgeon Control

Successful stone fragmentation requires appropriate levels of energy applied at the correct frequency to the exact target area.

The ShockPulse-SE is a novel, dual action lithotripsy system that uses proprietary technology to achieve outstanding efficiency in stone fragmentation. The large lumen and intuitive single-handed control making kidney, ureter and bladder stone management safer and more effective.


Integrated ultrasonic and mechanical energy

The ShockPulse-SE lithotriptor delivers both ultrasonic and mechanical energy through via a single probe. 

Effective fragmentation of even the hardest stone burdens

Stones of various shape, size and composition can be effectively fragmented and pulverized faster than other lithotriptors on the market thanks to superior drilling speed and outstanding fragment aspiration.

Safe fragmentation ensured

The single probe has reduced heat development during use which avoids damage of surrounding tissues.

Surgeon-controlled hand activation

The ShockPulse-SE lithotriptor is the first on the market with surgeon-controlled hand activation and suction control for improved comfort. There is no need for an additional footswitch on the floor although one is available if the surgeon prefers to use a footswitch.

Large lumen for unprecedented fragmentation

Specially designed with a large lumen, the ShockPulse-SE lithotriptor vacuums out stone fragments, reducing the time required to capture stones with graspers or baskets.

Versatility in terms of probe variety

With a wide variety of compatible probes and sizes, this is an exceptionally versatile and effective lithotriptor for fragmenting and aspirating stones in the kidney, ureter, and bladder.

Easy to assemble and use

Simple for staff to assemble and no set-up or tuning is required because there is just one socket for superior efficiency and ease of use.

Superior speed and suction efficiency

  • A single probe set produces ultrasonic and mechanical impact action. While a large lumen facilitates stone aspiration with unprecedented speed and safety. 

Intuitive surgeon control

  • An ergonomic handpiece with integrated suction and hand activation enables one-handed operation, making it extremely convenient for daily work.


  • A range of probes is available for fragmentation of kidney, ureter, and bladder stones. This versatility allows outstanding rigid ureteroscopy (URS) and PCNL.

Please download brochure for detailed specifications

For specific details on clinical applications for this product, please contact your local Olympus Australia/New Zealand representative.
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