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EZDIlate Endoscopic Balloon Dilators

Multi-Stage Endoscopic Balloon Dilator

The EZDilate multi-stage endoscopic balloon dilator offers enhanced precision and control through all phases of an endoscopic balloon dilation with efficient navigation through difficult anatomy, easier placement and positioning within the stricture and accurate achievement of target diameters.

Three stage Balloon Dilators offer gradual and accurate dilation.

EZDilate faciliates precise placement in the stricture due to its unique, patent pending center marker as well as excellent visualisation through the balloon during dilation for imporved monitoring of the stricture.

EZDilate comes in both fixed-wire and wire-guided versions. The fixed-wire balloons are indicated for use in the esophagus and the wire-guided balloons are indicated for use in the esophagus, pylorus, papilla and colon.

EZDilate can offer inflation diameters from 6.0 mm to 20.0 mm while each EZDilate balloon inflates to three distinct diameters.


Controlled Accurate Dilation: Engineered to provide superior diameter accuracy and precision using robust nylon material to ensure reliability in exact sizing

Precise Placement: Radiopaque markers coupled with patent pending center marker provides confidence in positioning with optimal clarity 

Versatility in design and performance: Unique and accurate sizing provides the opportunity to inflate at half millimeter intervals, expanding your procedural options

Efficient Navigation: A softer atraumatic tip* and low-profile balloon catheter are designed for efficient insertion and navigation to the stricture while protecting sensitive anatomy

*Wire guided version only

  Material No. Diameter Balloon Length Catheter Length Indication
    mm mm mm  
Fixed Wire BD-400P-0880 6.0-7.0-8.0 90 1900 Oesophageal
BD-400P-1080 8.5-9.5-10.5 90 1900 Oesophageal
BD-400P-1380 11.0-12.0-13.0 80 1900 Oesophageal
BD-400P-1580 13.5-14.5-15.5 80 1900 Oesophageal
BD-400P-1880 16-17-18 80 1900 Oesophageal
BD-400P-2080 18-19-20 80 1900 Oesophageal
Wire   Guided BD-410X-0855 6.0-7.0-8.0 65 2400 Oesophageal/Pyloric/Colonic/Biliary 
BD-410X-1055 8.5-9.5-10.5 65 2400 Oesophageal/Pyloric/Colonic/Biliary 
BD-410X-1355 11.0-12.0-13.0 55 2400 Oesophageal/Pyloric/Colonic/Biliary 
BD-410X-1555 13.5-14.5-15.5 55 2400 Oesophageal/Pyloric/Colonic/Biliary 
BD-410X-1855 16-17-18 55 2400 Oesophageal/Pyloric/Colonic/Biliary 
BD-410X-2055 18-19-20 55 2400 Oesophageal/Colonic/Biliary 
For specific details on clinical applications for this product, please contact your local Olympus Australia/New Zealand representative.
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