Olympus is bringing you the next step of your photography knowledge journey with the 'Learn with Olympus: Intermediate' course. This course delves deeper into the core aspects of photography, with a focus on leaving auto behind and discovering the benefits of shooting in Manual mode, and taking back more control of the camera to your advantage, This session is for anyone that wants to expand their knowledge on photography technology and concepts, and want to rely less on the automatic features in your camera. Open to all and no prior attendance to our events and workshops is necessary in order to attend, however, if you are new to photography then the ‘Learn With Olympus: Beginner’ course is highly recommended first. Topics covered: Manual Shooting – Learn not only the how, but the why of shooting in Manual Mode. Focus Setup – With so many options available, discover the correct options for ensuring a sharp photo Colour Temperature – What does WB mean and how does changing it affect the mood of your shots RAW vs. JPEG – A brief introduction into the benefits and drawbacks of your output settings Metering – go into how the different types of metering can make your photography even easier on the go Advanced Composition – Exploring the idea of Composition further, going into the 3 elements that ensure a photo is pleasing to the eye Long Exposure Shooting – As an extra bonus, discover the Olympus difference when it comes to using a long shutter speed. If you own an Olympus camera please be sure to bring to the event. Alternatively, limited loan cameras will be made available during the session. For all other events and workshops please visit www.olympus.com.au/events
Dates 22/11/2019 12:00 - 22/11/2019 14:00
Location Olympus Australia Pty Ltd
3 Acacia Place
3168 - Notting Hill
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